Faux Foiling with Duct Tape

Posted by Aimee Chovan on

Today I wanted to share a very simple technique that can pack a big punch. The examples I'm sharing are simple, but will clearly illustrate the result of this quick and easy way to dress up your projects. 

All you need is a standard die cutting machine, your favorite embossing folder, some scrap paper, and duct tape!

For this technique, I used some very basic duct tape. I've heard that HVAC tape can provide an even more glamourous results so give it a try and let me know how it looks!

I started by adhering a strip of duct tape to a scrap of paper. I then selected my embossing folder, and lined the strip up to the section of the pattern I wanted to feature. 

I then ran it through my Bigkick. 

Check out this result!

By adhering the duct tape to a piece of scrap paper, it makes it very easy to run your adhesive across the back and adhere it to your project. 

Here are some quick projects I made using various embossed strips of duct tape, and some basic stencils with pigment ink.


If you don't wish to have your scrap paper seen, simply trim off the excess before gluing the piece down!

Go ahead and give this technique a try and let me know what you think!


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